Welcome to Delta Gamma

On Christmas Day of 1873, when snow-blocked roads made it impossible to return home, three women had a vision to create an organization that would offer its members a rich heritage; continuity based on sound and tested principals of personal integrity, personal responsibility and intellectual honesty. Anna Boyd Ellington, Mary Comfort Leonard, and Eva Webb Dodd founded Delta Gamma Fraternity at the Lewis School for Girls in Oxford, Mississippi. Today, 137 years later, more than 200,000 members have been initiated in 146 chapters across the United States and Canada, making Delta Gamma one of the oldest and largest Greek letter societies of college women. The Gamma Theta chapter of Delta Gamma Fraternity has a long-standing tradition at the University of Florida beginning with its installation in 1949. Four years later our chapter house became the first permanent sorority house to be built on UF’s sorority row and since then has seen numerous renovations to become our home away from home

Colors: Bronze, Pink, and Blue
Mascot: Hannah Doll
Symbol: Golden Anchor
Flower: Cream-Colored Rose